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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Your blog is your personal space your page that you show to the world so why not make it speak truly of what your style? You can get your own personalized blog design and you can get it here for less! I pride myself on making my designs and layouts affordable to all! And I will work with you hand in hand every step of the way to make sure that your design is exactly what you want! No paying for something thrown together that you hate you will love your new design that's my pledge!

I offer full blog packages and single elements as well. You pick and pay for only what you want! So make your list up today and let's make your blog into the showplace you have been dreaming of! :)

Single Blog Elements

Static Header Design ~ from $10 - $50
Static Header w/Nav ~ $25 - $65
Animated Header Design ~ $100 and up
Sidebar Badges and Buttons ~ $10 - $25
Animated Badge ~ starting at $25
Grab my Blog Badge/Button ~ $10 - $25
Meme / Challenge Button ~ $10 - $25
Stylized Background ~ $15
Avatar (modify) ~ $5 - $10
Custom Avatars (custom includes hand drawn designs) from $10 - $40 (depending on complexity of design)
Signature graphic ~ $5 - $15 (depends on if you want an image sig or just a text signature)
Favicon ~ $5
Customized Rating System ~ from $15 - $50  (The rating system will be totally unique to your blog! The price varies depending on complexity of design and number of ratings you would like)
Animated Graphics other ~ $35

Don't see what you want listed? Just send me an email here and I will happy to give you a free quote! :)

Blog Packages

In the Box ~ $85  
2 or 3 column layouts
Includes Header, Avatar, Background, and Signature, with install for only 10 more.

Out of the Box ~ $125 
Design can go outside the normal 3 col layout
Includes Header, Avatar, Background, Blog Banner, Signature, plus extra graphic or your choice. With install for only 10 more.

Best Seller ~ $200
Includes Header, Blog Badge, Background, Signature, 4 requested graphics install and CSS style sheet, favicon, rating system.

Print Designs

Logo ~ $25 and up
Poster Design ~ $30 and up
Cover Design ~ Starting at just $75 dollars and up
Custom Illustration ~ Starting at $25 dollars and up
Bookmark Design $25 - $35 (depending on complexity of design)

Website Design non-blog $25 dollars per hour

Interested in something that you don't see on the list or have a question about an item please feel free to email me here: Contact JennJ and I will be happy to help you. I try my best to always reply to every email within 48 hours of receipt. :)

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